The Perennial is a restaurant and bar that champions progressive farming. Agriculture has the potential to reverse climate change and our goal is to serve great food and drinks that are part of a positive food system. We support farmers and ranchers who employ regenerative practices including serving bread made with perennial grains, butchering carbon ranched meat and operating an aquaponic greenhouse.

Environmental Produce

An aquaponic greenhouse in Oakland and partnerships with progressive farmers and ranchers ensure ingredients that go beyond organic. Healthy soil creates nutrient rich food and a healthy planet. >>MORE

The Perennial Team

Anthony Myint, Karen Leibowitz and Chris Kiyuna have a history of award-winning restaurants that serve great food and give back to the community. >>MORE

Sustainable Design

We are a San Francisco Certified Green Business, with woodwork and architecture by Paul Discoe, along with a living pantry of growing vegetables, create a naturalistic environment. >>MORE