For Sunday June 4, Nichole  Accettola will offer a Rye, Pork, and Milk menu that previews her Scandinavian cuisine at Kantine, with a nod toward The Perennial’s sustainable mission. Nichole writes:

When I moved from Boston to Copenhagen in the late 90’s, I felt like my life immediately became simplified. There, movies at the cinema started either at 6pm or 9pm, bikes outnumbered cars and there were only a handful of breakfast cereals to choose from at the supermarket. Danish cuisine was and still is, in many ways, simple. Many of the same basic ingredients are used time and time again, but the Danes are experts in using them in a multitude of ways. This innovativeness inspired me to choose three common Scandinavian ingredients - rye, pork and milk – for the June 4th dinner menu.

Each dish from the proposed three-course menu will contain these three ingredients.

Small Plates (served at once)

Sweetbread, leeks, pickled mustard seeds

Herb and little gem salad, Grandma’s dressing,

Rye and whey porridge, straw-smoked fresh cheese, heart, sorrel


Main Course

Pork shoulder roll, rosehips, fennel



Buttermilk cotta, cherries and green almond shortbread