Whenever possible, we’ve outfitted at The Perennial with recycled, reclaimed, and efficient materials.



ARCHITECTURE/WOODWORK: The Perennial was designed by Paul Discoe, who is also a master woodworker who works exclusively with reclaimed lumber. Paul Discoe Design built our Douglas Fir bar, poplar chairs, cypress and black acacia tables, and pretty much all of the wood in the space, including posts made of wood recovered from the Transbay Terminal. Paul also designed The Perennial’s aquaponic greenhouse, which is located on the same property as his studio. Our dining room ceiling is woven from wood shavings produced when milling our posts; the raised beds at our greenhouse were built from the scraps made in the production of our dining room. 


RUG: In the center of our dining room, we have a 100% recyclable rug, made by Interface from 100% recycled fibers. (Interface is also experimenting with recycling used fishing nets into carpet fibers. Discarded fishing gear comprises about ten percent of all marine trash, according to the UN.) 

RECYCLED TILE: We love what Fireclay Tile is doing with recycled materials! Fireclay’s locally produced tiles are in our bar, kitchen, vestibule, and bathrooms.

BARSTOOLS: Seating in the bar and our private dining room are Emeco's Alfi stools and chairs, made from 100% recycled materials. 

PLASTER: We worked with Rye Hudak from Level 5 Design for our eco wall finish, made from marble-processing waste. 

ECO-GLASS: The glass in our vestibule is made from bottles and jars from municipal recycling bins and internal recycling by Bendheim Glass.

LIGHTING: We worked with Anna Kondolf Lighting Design and Neidhardt Inc to create a warm, inviting, energy-efficient, locally-produced, all-LED lighting system.

PAPER: Our menus, explanatory cards, and so forth are printed by local printer Greener Printer on 100% recycled material Neenah paper. When our menus are worn out, we feed them to the worms at our aquaponic greenhouse.

TABLEWARE: Many of our plates are made from a local (Mendocino) clay body by our friends Jay and Rie Dion at Atelier Dion. Our napkins are 100% cotton from local landmark Britex Fabrics and cleaned by a green laundry service; when they’re worn out, we feed 'em to our worms. 

ART: Local fiber artist Britt-Marie Alm created a ceiling installation from upcycled fashion industry remnants for The Perennial. See more of Britt's innovative recycled-fiber yarns and knit goods at Love Fest Fibers. 

LEED: The building as a whole is LEED Gold certifiedand we expect to be certified Platinum when we complete the process.

THE BIG PICTURE: For more on our design process, see San Francisco Magazine's article on how The Perennial is helping define the "New Rules of Design."