Tonight is The Perennial's opening night and we are scrambling around doing last-minute tasks, like formatting menus and installing purse hooks under the bar, but we wanted to pause to appreciate the warm reception we've already felt from our community and from the press. 

Last Sunday, The Chronicle published a big feature on our sustainability efforts, with lots of beautiful photos explaining the sustainable choices we've made in the kitchen and bar. 

It contains a slideshow of pictures showing everything from the water still in the bar to the recycled material flooring in the kitchen, not to mention some wonderful prose by Jonathan Kauffman. 

And we also loved his follow-up piece focused on our bar program and our bar director, Jennifer Colliau. 

Meanwhile, Eater SF put together three (!) articles on our new restaurant: a slideshow of the dining room and bar, a full explanation of "How The Perennial Will Break the Restaurant Mold" (with lovely watercolor illustrations), and a preview of the menu.

And Fast Company put together this thoughtful piece on building a sustainable restaurant from a business perspective.