I've read that experiences make the best gifts, and if you couldn't snag Hamilton tickets, we have another experience that could make a great gift. (And if you are going to Hamilton, we're just around the corner from the theater!) 

On January 15, we're launching a new event series with CUESA and Slow Food SF that's all about becoming a part of the change you want to see in the New Year.  We're calling it a Ground Work Party, and it means getting a hands-on experience of regenerative agriculture.

We'll meet at The Perennial and travel via party bus to Stemple Creek Ranch in Marin. Our goal is to plant 200 tress as part of helping to transition parts of the ranch towards carbon farming. What’s carbon farming you might ask? Come find out! Fourth generation rancher Loren Poncia will be our host, walking guests through the processes by which cattle and ranchers (and diners) are part of the climate change solution. Lunch (featuring Stemple Creek beef) will be cooked by The Perennial's own Chris Kiyuna and Anthony Myint, with plenty of drinks and conversation. 

Cocktail hour starts upon boarding at 9:30am, serious tree planting starts at 11:00am and a cookout prepared by Chris Kiyuna and Anthony Myint (The Perennial) will follow. Ticket includes transportation, food, beverages and the costs of adopting a tree (which is not cheap!). If you're reading this and you're a bluegrass band, we'd love to trade you tickets for a pop-up show. Or meet us there, if you're coming from outside SF. 

Tickets here.