Whenever we talk about how food can reverse climate change, we hear one important question:

What can I do to help? 

The answer starts with a food system focused on Healthy Soil, which draws down CO2, boosts flavor, and restores nutrients. 

As a step toward rewarding farmers and ranchers who are building Healthy Soil, we invite you to consult and participate in the Healthy Soil Guide launching today.

Chefs know that the best food comes from Healthy Soil. Watch the short-short film "Chefs for Soilto see Chefs Dan Barber, Dominique Crenn, Jeremy Fox, Tanya Holland, Corey Lee, Yotam Ottolenghi, and our own Anthony Myint waxing poetic and political in a beautiful video created by our friends at Soil Solutions.

If you're a farmer, we have a portal to share your info and to connect with scientific advisors. If you're a restaurateur, we'd love to include you. If you're a home cook, make this your Monterey Seafood Watch for everything grown on land. 

Check out Civil Eats for more details on the inspiration behind both guide and film.