We've been friends with Chef Nick Balla for years--he's done pop-ups with us, we've loved eating at Duna, and a lot of our staff worked with him at Bar Tartine. Anyone who's worked with Nick knows that he loves a good salad. Throughout his years of cooking inventive, genre-busting menus, he always created great big salads for family meals, which he served with spoons to catch all the unique flavors drawn from a pantry full of house-made pickles and preserves.

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Note: The Perennial will continue to offer its regular menus

Bar Menu starts at 4pm

Dinner Menu at 5:30


And now, the public gets a chance to pick up a spoon and enjoy a salad, along with his signature smoked potato smokebread. Nick and the Duna crew will be serving lunch from The Perennial's bar, Tuedays through Fridays 10:30a-2pm. More details and pics at smokebread.com and @smkebrd; catering and delivery details coming soon. 

SMOKEBREAD brings Balla’s bold-flavored, plant-centric style to The Perennial, with nods to the Hungarian, Japanese, Californian, and Mediterranean influences that make his style so unique and craveable.  

Please Note: Chef Michael Andreatta will continue to lead The Perennial’s kitchen, with a bar menu that starts at 4pm and dinner starting at 5:30pm.