For three days in September, people from all around the world came together in San Francisco to focus on actions that we can take—at every level, from national policy to individual consumer choices—to solve climate change. For us, it was particularly exciting to see food take a central place in this conversation; among other big moves launched at the summit, a consortium of West Coast cities and states (and even a Canadian province!) committed to a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030.*

On the closing night of the summit, we were proud to join with fellow carbon-neutral restaurants State Bird Provisions, Cala, Flour + Water, Atelier Crenn, and Mission Chinese in celebration of healthy soil as a climate solution. Farmers, activists, scientists, ranchers, philanthropists, business and city workers all came together over a meal created from ingredients that represent climate action. Ideas and plans for #climateaction animated conversations all around the beautifully restored Hibernia Bank Building, and have continued in the weeks since.

The Global Climate Action Summit was just the beginning. Let’s keep the climate action going.

* That’s a huge deal, since the Pacific Coast Collaborative covers 55 million people and the fifth-largest economy in the world. The Pacific Coast Collaborative committed to