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The Perennial opened its doors with the message that we can address climate change with delicious food; three years later, we have decided to close The Perennial, while continuing to pursue the mission that it represents. 

So much has happened at The Perennial to give us hope and make us grateful to everyone who made this mission-driven restaurant a reality--and we have witnessed a real shift toward food and agriculture in the conversation around sustainability, which we are proud to have been part of. Meanwhile, during the same years we have run The Perennial, we were also building another labor of love: a non-profit sister organization we named The Perennial Farming Initiative, which is dedicated to the same mission as The Perennial. We have learned so much from toggling between the two projects, but as founders we have come to the conclusion that we can be more effective advocates for a renewable food system through PFI. As people, as parents, as partners, we recognize that it is time to close. Our final day of service will be February 9, and we hope that you will come in for a visit and a chance to say goodbye--or if you've never been before, a chance to taste our amazing food, meet our incredible staff, and taste what we've been talking about. 

We will miss The Perennial, but we look forward to sharing the next chapter with you soon. Thanks and best wishes, Karen and Anthony

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